Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What is Homestyle?

So, what’s this Homestyle thing you keep yammering about?
Homestyle is a series of 13 monthly vignettes, set in and around the Homestyle Salon and Spa in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. The series focuses on Jolene Harris, the young beautician who first appeared in my second novel Hometown. It's a comedy, so, theoretically, funny.

What's with all of the "Home" titles?
I dunno. Lack of imagination? Sheer laziness? Something like that.

Yeah, no. Really, what gives?
All of my work, including Homestyle, takes place in the same fictional universe. Though all are tied and share characters, the novels and the series each stand alone.

OK, whatever. Where can I get it?
The same place you get socks and cat food – Amazon .com

I'm tardy to the party. Does Homestyle need to be read in order?
Ideally, yes, but you do you. 

Can I buy Homestyle in print?
Not at this time. Homestyle was designed to be a short, fun read and the digital-only platform keeps the cost low. 

I don't have a Kindle. Can I still read Homestyle?
Yeah, buddy! You can read Homestyle on any digital device, including your laptop or desktop, with the Kindle app or Kindle Cloud Reader. Basically, whatever you're reading this on should work.

Say I see you in a bar sometime and want to send you a drink in appreciation of your beauty and genius. Is that cool?
Gin and tonic and yes.