Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Last Friday the Yummish Council declared a spontaneous holiday, hung out the old “Gone Fishin'” sign and went fishing.

The weather was perfect and we caught our limit, but that was almost beside the point. While there is still some (reasonable) debate as to the Yummish nature of the activity (Though you should not yuck someone else's Yum, the Yummish Council does acknowledge that we have incurred a sizable karmic debt to anchovies.), in this case it was what we didn't do, rather than what we did, that made it a Yummish holiday. Whether we'd taken the day to hunt for fish or for the perfect pair of sandals mattered less than the decision to temporarily set aside responsibility in favor of pleasure.

Obviously this can't be done every day, or at least, not without some rather un-Yummish consequences. From time to time, it is imperative to the development of your Yum, to choose an activity you find particularly pleasurable, and, for one day (or even a handful of days, if you are so fortunate) put it ahead of all responsibility and care. Yummish holidays are especially important during the summer months, when the weather encourages Yummish displays of sun-kissed skin not seen during the cooler months.

If your situation is such that you can't devote a full day to pleasure, then...

... Then it's time to start beating your plowshares into swords. Eat the rich, power to the people and all of that.

Sorry... wait... no. That's not right...    

If your situation is such that you can't devote even one full day to pleasure, then...

Yeah.. I've got nothing. That's pretty much just un-Yummish all the way around. 

So... Then... Um...


Today's Yummish Exercise: 
Give yourself a Yummish holiday this summer, no matter how short. Find some task you can forgo in the pursuit of pleasure. Your Yum depends on it.

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