Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Second Yummish Saint

(Our apologies to all of those who were hoping we'd punk out again and post another cookie recipe. )

In all honesty, the Yummish Council went to bed last night intending to announce Joseph Campbell as the second Yummish Saint after St. Alfred of Peets. High on mythology and cheap Swedish vodka, we were satisfied that the issue had been successfully put to bed and decided to follow suit.

We woke up this morning, however, headach-y and uncertain (and passionately rededicated to our charcoal filtered friend Stolichnaya). While Joseph Campbell's insight, brilliance and Yummishness are hardly in doubt, the Council found itself having second thoughts about his place as the second Yummish saint. After all, it was through the efforts of another man that we, like so many people, first came to know the beautiful mind that was Joseph Campbell. Was it not more proper to honor the man who, in addition to many other Yummish acts, helped to promulgate Campbell's Yummish teachings? (Relax. It's not Bill Moyers.) His worth seemed undeniable. His message is largely hopeful, noble-minded and positive and the influence of his aesthetic is nearly immeasurable. The more we considered it and the more our hangover faded, the more obvious it became. Thus, the Yummish Council takes great pleasure in announcing the Second Yummish Saint:

George Lucas*

If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Lucas, let us be the first to welcome you to the planet we call Earth. Otherwise, the Council will assume that all humans over the age of 6 months are aware of his vast body of work. For nearly 40 years, Mr. Lucas has been one of the most influential storytellers humanity has ever known. His stories center around honor, bravery, love, sacrifice and, perhaps the most yummish of all, redemption. He gave us such fanciful concepts as the 3D animated chess set, a forest planet inhabited by talking teddy bears, and Harrison Ford. (Based on those twin Yums of “forgiveness” and “forgetfullness” the Yummish Council has elected to disregard the first Star Wars prequel from the criteria for consideration and to pretend that it simply never happened. Some did feel, however, that positive mention should be made of Liam Neeson's hair extensions. We intend to speak to her about this later, in private.) There is also the whole concept of “The Force,” but we're feeling lazy and have opted to save that for a later meditation, should we run short of ideas/vodka some week.

Though the Yummish Council is hardly above shameless self promotion, we feel it is important to say that this decision was made entirely devoid of promotional concerns. (And if you believe that...) However, if you remain unconvinced as to the validity our decision, the Council invites you to record how many references to Star Wars you encounter in any given week. We suspect you'll concede our point by lunchtime Wednesday. (Note: If you work in IT, a single day's count should prove sufficient.)

Tangential note: If you ride a motorcycle or drive a sporty car in the Bay Area and are unfamiliar with Lucas Valley Road, correct this oversight immediately. For extra Yummishness, turn right on Nicasio Valley Road and follow it to Rancho Nicasio for homemade potato chips and Sierra Nevada on tap. Yum!

Today's Exercise: Watch your favorite George Lucas movie. (Extra points for the inclusion of draft beer & homemade potato chips.)

Next: If you want to sing out, sing out. The Yum of music. No talent required.

*Runner up: The inspired genius who first looked at a potato and thought “I wonder if there is any way this thing can get me drunk?” Well done, sir! Well done!

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  1. Yay for George Lucas! Minus the whole Star Wars prequel debacle. Shudder. Indy of course loves all things George Lucas. George Lucas, I raise my glass to you (and respectfully ask for a refund for the insane amount of money I shelled out for the prequels).