Thursday, September 2, 2010

Angels & Demons: We Are All God's Particles

The God Particle

What is the "God Particle"?

The answer to that question varies greatly depending on whom you ask.

If you ask "Science" (or as I like to call it, "Wikipedia"), it will tell you this:

If you ask writer of airport newsstand novels Dan Brown, he will scribble something like this:

If you ask guru of electronic awesomeness Raja Ram, you get this:

If you ask Seekers of the YUM, they will probably point their fingers at you and laugh.  (Don't look at the finger!  If you look at the finger, you'll miss all the heavenly glory!)

This gesture should not, however, be mistaken for an act of aggression. Rather, to the enlightened seeker of the YUM, it is a gleefully absurd question to even ask "What is the God Particle?" To them the answer is simple: You are, silly!

To the Yummish mind, each of us is a tiny part, or "particle", of something indefinable, yet greater, stretching backward and forward through space and time. Your body and everything that surrounds it is made up of materials set free into the universe to reassemble in myriad, almost unimaginable ways (Apples! Cockatoos! The planet Jupiter!) by the explosion of an ancient star, a sun whose rays reached, and still reach, across space and time, as do the rays of our own sun. The energy from the sun's rays doesn't simply heat the earth and the air, but is the source of all energy currently available to us, from the power harnessed in crude oil, to the energy in the food you eat and your body's own kinetic expenditures. Follow the path to it's roots: Cells break down to molecules, molecules to atoms, atoms into protons and neutrons, then to quarks, and E=mc2.

You've heard it a million times before, but there is just no escaping it:

All is One.

There are no “angels” or “demons”. No “Us” and no “Them", but 7 billion absolutely unique and absolutely equal simultaneous human expressions of the one thing.  And a universe of everything, which is one thing.

Or, as The Senior Member of the Yummish Council put it:

Today's Yummish Exercise: Follow your bliss!

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