Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On a Motorcycle

The spell of sunny, spring-like weather the Bay Area is enjoying this January has put me in a two-wheeled frame of mind. Below are just a few of the reasons why I am proud to call my self a “motorcycle enthusiast*.” 

Yosemite National Park
On a motorcycle, as in life, there is no reverse.**

Riding a motorcycle can make you a more mindful car driver, giving you a more visceral sense of highway speeds.

It can also make you a more mindful traveler. When it's cold, you're cold. When it's hot, you're hot. When it's raining, you're wet. When it's snowing, you're sitting in a truck stop drinking bad coffee. (Secondary lesson: In riding, as in life, at times you will encounter forces greater than your own will.)

Riding requires extreme physical and mental concentration, which makes it a brilliant form of meditative yoga. (And the subject of a truly excellent book by Robert Pirsig.)

Marin Co., CA
Learning to pack for a week in a motorcycle side case is a powerful exercise in non-attachment to material possessions.

Riding a motorcycle means never having to apologize for buying boots. (Also, “motorcycle hair” is an excellent excuse to buy and wear hats.)

Jim Strider: big bike rider
In a refreshing reversal of gender roles, at motorcycling events, the line to the men's restroom is generally much longer than to the women's. (Also, the men tend to carry with them various forms of “tank bags,” into which we ladies can stash odds and ends, what with it being so difficult to manage a purse on a bike and all...)

36” of empty curb = parking spot

If you enjoy having people look at you – and I really, really do – nothing beats riding a motorcycle.

In your helmet, no one can hear you sing.

Today's lesson: Motorcycles = good

Next: Maybe something for Friday the 13th.

*Call me a “biker” and I'll stomp you with my heavy leather boots.

**Yeah, yeah... I know... Honda Goldwings and later BMW LTs have reverse gears... Whatever. It sounds better my way.

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  1. Nice to discover u, motorcycles make life a little sharper an enjoyable. The more riders we have the more happy people we will meet!