Friday, April 13, 2012

13 Embarrassing Things About Me

In honor of Friday the 13th, here is a list of 13 completely stupid and embarrassing things about me. I...
  1. Have distractedly walked into a light post while Tweeting... and then Tweeted about it.
  2. Trip over my own feet anytime I even suspect someone might be watching me as I walk down the sidewalk.
  3. Cannot peel potatoes without also peeling my thumb. (Strangely, though, not when peeling carrots.)
  4. Am completely inept at making pie crust.
  5. Cannot say “Mrs. Buttersworth” properly. (Butterworth's... Butterworth's... Butterworth's...)
  6. Ruined all four tires on my first car in four completely different ways within the first year of ownership.
  7. Cannot drive a car with a manual transmission... in spite of having once owned one.
  8. Get lost coming back from every single audition/shoot I go on, even if I've been to that location multiple times. (I don't get lost going there, just getting back home again. Every single time...)
  9. Often forget to raise the windscreen of my motorcycle helmet before sneezing.
  10. Cause the cat to yowl as though in pain whenever I sing out loud to myself... which is more or less constantly.
  11. Sleepwalked into a brightly lit hotel hallway... naked. (It's really hot in Cancun...)
  12. Introduced my then boyfriend/now husband as “Mike.” His name is Jim.
  13. Have misspelled my own first name.
Today's lesson: I'm a total goober.

Next: Still trying to work up something for National Poetry Month... 

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