Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tomatoes or Not Tomatoes: That Is the Question

Once I bought some heirloom tomatoes.

I ate them. They were yummy.

I saved some of the seeds.

A few weeks ago I put those seeds in pots with some dirt.

Something has sprouted.

I have no idea if any of these are tomato plants or if I just have four pots full of weeds.


Planter 1

Planter 2

Planter 3

Planter 4

Today's lesson: I am a lousy gardener

Next: I go to Alabama for a week.

UPDATE:  On advice of counsel (thanks Shalla!!!!), the not-matoes have been pulled up, given a thorough thrashing, then were wadded into the organics bin with extreme prejudice. They have been replaced with a new set of heirloom tomato seeds that will probably end up growing into grape vines or Joshua trees or African elephants. I'll let you know...

NEW GROWTH: Something has sprouted in 3 of the 4 pots in which I planted heirloom tomato seeds. With my luck, it is doubtful they are tomatoes plants. It's more likely they're jelly bean trees... or herring... or dental floss... Thoughts?

Planter 1, Take 2

Planter 2, Take 2

Planter 3, Take 2


What do you think? Am I getting anywhere?

7/22/12 -- Flowers!

Also seen -- Bees! :-)


  1. The only one that is maybe a tomatoe is Planter 3. The other plants are definitely not tomatoe leaves.

    Heirloom tomatoe leaves look like this:

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    This link might be more better. it's just a picture, not the full website.

    Pictured are two types of heirloom tomatoe leaves, on the left is a "Hillbilly Potato Heirloom tomatoe" the right is a more common variety.

    If you go to the full website there is an article about growing heirloom tomatoes from seeds.

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  4. CLOSE UP:

  5. Planter 3 has something that looks like a tomato plant in the front. Tomato plants have slightly fuzzy/rough leaves and smell like tomatoes (sniff a package at the store that still have the vines on them). The other pots have just weeds as far as I can tell. I don't think the new ones are tomatoes either. Tomatoe plants are not full.

    The next time, start them inside in small pots until they sprout and grow an inch or two and then transplant them outside.

    See, even I learn stuff from homeschooling!