Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Global Appeal of Fried Wads of Dough

Doughnut, Beignet, Youtiao, Funnel cake, Zeppoli, Sopaipilla, Rosettes, Fry bread, Churros

Linguists would have you believe that cultures develop the greatest number of words to describe that which is of most value to the community. If that is true, it is fair to say that human culture ascribes significant importance to Fried Wads of Dough.

For the Yummish, this is cause for great rejoicing.

It begins with a simple dough made chiefly of white flour, a formerly elegant foodstuff once available only to the wealthy elite. Add to that refined sugar, another historically luxurious ingredient. Plunge into an impressive reserve of boiling fat/oil. Fry until golden and top with more sugar.

It is a deceptively simple dish, but therein lies it's impressive appeal. Across the planet, every day, humans of every make and model will enjoy some variation of it. It is a sort of Yummish Miracle – a Yum shared 'round the world.

When you snag a doughnut to go with your coffee or order an elephant ear from the roach coach at the County Fair, you are partaking of a treat that, statistically speaking, is being shared by people the world over at that same moment. It is so much more than a mere snack. It's a form Yummish Communion*.

Today's exercise: Indulge in the Fried Wad of Dough of your choice and take a moment to think about who else might be doing the same.

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*You will never know how difficult it was not to make a joke about doughnuts being a “holey” food... Though I suppose I just now did... Rats.


  1. I had a wad of fried dough today! Actually, I had 6 mini wad of dough, covered with cinnamon sugar. DE-licious. There's a little doughnut imbiss just outside of our Px that makes them to order. Fresh out of the fryer is the best way to get them. Good thing I don't go to the PX often or I'd be HUGE. They have a special pack of 36 that calls my name but I resist! Barely.

  2. I feel I really must get over to your neck of the globe.