Friday, October 22, 2010

Jane Goodall: The Third Yummish Saint

Scientist, environmentalist, redhead. To try list all of Jane Goodall's accomplishments here would take too many pages (and essentially recreate the work already done by the many wonderful nerds of the Wikipedia Community). If you've never heard of Jane Goodall, The Yummish Council encourages immediate correction of this oversight. So much more than “the chimp lady,” Ms. Goodall is a UN Messenger of Peace and, through the many programs of her eponymous institute, a world renowned environmental educator and activist.

She is also one of the most inspiring speakers we've ever heard.

A petite, elegant woman with delicate features, we watched as she held a large school gymnasium filled with students, parents, reporters and others in hushed rapture. Warm, funny, self-deprecating and extremely intelligent, Ms. Goodall shared her passion for chimps, animal welfare and environmentalism at large through stories of her personal experiences, punctuated by well-researched facts. She spoke with simple eloquence, using no gimmicks or verbal trickery to “market” her message to the largely teenaged audience. Instead, she addressed her audience with respect and her topic with great reverence. She wasn't there to “sell her message.” Rather, she seemed sincerely motivated to share her Yum.

And the nature of that Yum? For that we quote the Jane Goodall Institute core values:

We strive to respect, nourish and protect all living things; people, animals and the environment are all interconnected

We believe that knowledge leads to understanding, and that understanding will encourage us to take action

We believe that every individual has the ability to make a positive difference

We believe that flexibility and open-mindedness are essential to enable us to respond to a changing world

We require integrity and compassion in all that we do and say

Sounds Yummy to us!

Today's exercise: Remember that those who shout the loudest might not have the most to say. Quiet voices can also convey great passion.

Next: TBDBD (To be determined by drinking)

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