Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going to the Boom Boom: The Spring Carnival Season

Saturnalia. Bacchanalia. Intruz. Masopust. Fastelavn. Shrovetide. Apokriés. Vastenavond. Mardi Gras. Carnival!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the bitter darkness of Winter is just beginning to lighten, giving way to the return of the sun and the resurrection of life. Bitter nights warm into bright days and chilling rain is followed by promising shoots of green. Spring is still just a promise, but one that looks increasingly credible.

Time, naturally enough, for a party.

Over the next few weeks as the days lengthen across the northern half of our globe, people will emerge from their wintery cocoons to greet the returning sun... by stripping down to their skivvies, consuming truly heroic quantities of food and alcohol and dancing to pounding drum-heavy music. As far as the Yummish are concerned, there could not be a more appropriate response.    

No matter which cultural costume it may wear, the springtime carnival is about celebrating what it means to be human, on a fundamental level. We gather together to meet and make noise. We're encouraged to eat, drink and be sexy. Humankind has survived one more trip around the sun, one more chilling turn through the cosmos. The winter is fading and we are still here.

Today's exercise: Party on!

Next: March Forth! A message from The Cocktail Party.

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