Friday, March 4, 2011

March Forth! A Message From the Cocktail Party

Maybe it is the ubiquitous images of protestors gathering across the Middle East. Or maybe it's the warm sunny Northern California weather. Either way, this Spring, The Cocktail Party wants you to March forth!

March forth to meet your neighbors.

March forth to make your streets safer.

March forth in protest of fear, ignorance, hatred and despair.

March forth to make your community closer, stronger and better.

Turn off your television. Close your browser. Take out your earbuds and put your phone away. Get out of your car and let your feet find the sidewalk. It's time to take to the streets.

We've heard enough from those who are too eager to tell us about the issues that divide us and the people, places and things that we should fear. Being informed about the world around you is essential, but don't make the mistake of limiting yourself only to the experiences of others. This Spring, The Cocktail Party invites you experience for yourself the strength, creativity, knowledge and caring of the diverse people that make up your community. Celebrate your power to inspire and be inspired. 

Today's exercise: March forth!

Next: March fifth!

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