Friday, February 25, 2011

The Yum of the Bedchamber

In previous meditations we have discussed the importance of your Yummish Temple. Today we focus on one particularly important aspect the Temple – the bed.

Aww, there are yard trimmings on my bed...
The bed is at the center of the Yummish life. When we feel bad, it's where we go to feel well again. When we feel well, it's where we go to feel even better. It's where (many) lives begin and where we hope ours and those of our loved ones will one day peacefully end. We create our most elaborate rituals around it, from the bedtime stories of childhood to bedtime playtime as adults. It is the altar for our most sacred rituals.

Be it a simple cotton futon or a princess-y pillow top affair, the only thing a Yummish bed should not be is lonely. Whether it's a puppy sleeping at your feet, a lover in your arms or a child whom you're shielding from nightmares, sharing the space in which you sleep with another is an act of intimacy. It is where and when you're the most vulnerable. The risk, however, is well-balanced by the potential rewards.

Today's exercise: Worship with someone you love.

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