Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Scream, You Scream

Rejoice, rejoice! Again, I say rejoice! For July is National Ice Cream Month! Huzzah!

To commemorate this auspicious and tasty occasion, The Yummish Council is proud to announce a new Yummish Saint: Ernest Hamwi

As legend has it, during the 1904 World's Fair, Syrian pastry chef Ernest Hamwi operated a food stall where he sold thin, crisp, waffle-patterned pastries known as “zalabia,” when his neighbor, an ice cream vendor, ran out of serving dishes. In a flash of Yummish inspiration, Mr. Hamwi grabbed a hot zalabia and quickly rolled a tight, fat one, thus saving the day and inventing the ice cream cone.

Not only did Mr. Hamwi's invention further the very worthy cause of the “portable dessert,” it was a notable achievement in a field that we Yummish feel has yet to be mined for its full potential – edible serving dishes. Who wouldn't rather enjoy a tasty post-dinner treat rather than washing dishes? It would add a whole new dimension to joining “The Clean Plate Club.” And talk about compostable! 

It is only fair to mention, that, in grand hagiographic tradition, this story may be completely apocryphal, as in 1903 a man named Italo Marchiony received the first patent on pastry cups used for serving ice cream. However, like many other faiths, we Yummish are not inclined to let fact hinder a good story. Plus, we're sort of in a hurry to wrap this thing up before we miss the ice cream truck. Ting a ling!

Today's exercise: Grab a cone and fill 'er up!

Next: Who can say... I'm too busy trying decide between chocolate or vanilla... or maybe a scoop of each!


  1. There is of course one negative consequence of this saint's marvelous invention: my mother would force me to eat my ice cream outside - even when I would much rather enjoy Our Gang on television.

  2. Our Gang was awesome. Darla is my fave -- Flory Dory Girls forever!