Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Hometown" - Free for Amazon Kindle

From June 19 – 22, my novel Hometown is available as a free download for Amazon Kindle and Kindle enabled devices. 

Why are you giving away your book?
I'm just awesome that way.

What do you want in return?
Reviews! Intelligent, thoughtful reviews from funky tastemakers like you! Having insightful customer reviews on Amazon.com makes my book more appealing to future readers.

Will it expire/disappear after June 22?
Nope. Once you've downloaded Hometown, it will behave like every other Kindle book in your collection.

If I fall in love with Hometown and want to get a copy for my technophobic Aunt Mildred, is it available in print?
Indeed! Print copies are available from Amazon.com for $16.99 (+ shipping).

Is Hometown a staggering work of genius filled with humor and pathos, reflecting the greater human condition?
OK... Yeah. Sure. It's also free until June 22.

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