Friday, November 16, 2012


Below are 10 suggestions for movies to watch over the Thanksgiving weekend along with my brilliantly compelling reasons for doing so.

Adjust your Netflix queue accordingly.

Movie Why
Groundhog Day Because you are not a slave to the calendar.
The Shining Psychosis and homicide aside, it's nice to see a family spending time together.
The Blues Brothers After fighting the holiday travel traffic, the car chases* are quite cathartic.
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Give the kids a reason to fear sweets = more pie for you.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Watch Richard Dreyfuss demonstrate proper mashed potato sculpting technique.
Waterworld It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a turkey.
Tom Jones You'll feel significantly less awkward about your own family dinner.
The Matrix Watching Keanu chow down on a big bowl of “single-celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals” will make you feel a lot better about yet another day of leftovers.
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World It works equally well as either preparation for or justification against participating in the Black Friday sales.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving It simply wouldn't be Thanksgiving otherwise.


Today's lesson: Making lists is fun.

Next: Probably not another list. Probably.

*Not enough? Check out Ronin. Thirty minutes of plot, an hour and a half of car chases. Bless you Mr. Mamet. Bless you, sir.


  1. Close Encounters is also good b/c you can look at the pine trees and think of home since it was filmed in the M-O-B!

  2. I had forgotten that. Is anyone we know in it? (Background? Crew?)