Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Comic Books Will Save Us All: Announcing the Sixth Yummish Saint

Nestled between the pap of Archie* and Casper The Friendly Ghost comics and the squeaky clean icon of “truth, justice and the American Way,” are tales every bit as epic as Beowulf** and far, far more entertaining to read. Inside that cheap, slick cover, every ink-smeared page fairly drips with high adventure. Tortured heroes battle mighty foes and inner demons simultaneously and not always successfully.  

Love that rakish smile...
Welcome, to the marvelous universe of Stan Lee, writer, actor, producer, and, now, Yummish Saint.

Even if you have never opened a comic book, you are probably familiar with characters created by Stan Lee: Spiderman, Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The Silver Surfer, Thor,*** and The X-Men.

What makes Stan Lee's work so compelling and enduring are his heroes. Powerful, certainly, but also vulnerable. Intelligent and misunderstood, Mr. Lee's heroes often lead tortured lives on the fringes of society. The villains they face are generally their equals in strength and/or intelligence, but, like some Ayn Rand superman, are motivated only by greed and self-interest. Still, when the very people who have shunned them are threatened, Mr. Lee's heroes are compelled, even against their own self-interest, to act for the common good.
Hello, Wolfie!

Action, adventure, sex, science, depravity and, surprisingly deep, morality: all of this and more can be found in the marvelous universe of Yummish Saint, Stan Lee.

Today's exercise: Enjoy a vicarious adventure, whatever your preferred medium. 

Next: Probably a “cease and desist letter” from Marvel Comics' lawyers.

*If I had invested the money I spent on Archie comics between the years 1977 – 1987, I'd be a millionaire... and have a much less screwed up view of male/female relationships.

**Dear high school English teachers: Please stop making your students read “Beowulf” in Middle English. There is no point to this exercise. Ditto with “The Canterbury Tales.”

***Not, technically, created by Stan Lee so much as buy some dead Viking. (Possibly the same guy responsible for Beowulf.) Also, if the “Thor” movie could suck less than the “Fantastic Four” franchise, it would be sincerely appreciated, particularly by the Senior Council Member, who currently fears the worst.

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  1. I adore Stan Lee. Not only has he created some of the most iconic super heros the world has ever known, but he has a wicked sense of humor and I love seeing him make camoes in movies about his own characters (and I especially loved him on The Big Bang Theory). A truly worthy Yummish Saint. I raise my glass to him.
    Indy and I read Beowulf this year (we're studying the middle ages) and he loved it! Probably all that gore. I even read him a watered down version and it was still gory and bloody and gross. Must be a boy thing.
    BTW, did you know there is a comic book version of Beowulf?

  2. I did NOT know there was a Beowulf comic, but feel I probably should own it.