Friday, April 29, 2011

Tide Together: Adrift On A Water Planet

Five oceans... Seven seas... One continuous body of water covering over 70% of the surface of our planet.

Whales don't recognize international oceanic borders, often to their detriment.

Somewhere between 1/3 – 1/2 of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere originates in the ocean, making water pollution an entirely un-erotic form of planet-wide auto-asphyxiation.

To give your “message in a bottle” it's best chance, toss it overboard from a boat rather than trying to hurl it over the surf from the shore. Even then, there's no guarantee. Still, we support your romantic spirit.

I've been one of only two people on an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Neither of us had a boat. It gives you perspective.

I was born to be a lighthouse keeper. Or a pirate. Possibly a mermaid.

When snorkeling in the densely salinated waters of the Caribbean, spit, don't swallow.

Mermaid. Definitely a mermaid.

When fishing, what bothers me most about baiting my own hook is how little it bothers me to bait my own hook. Predator!

Debate: Which were the more bad-ass ancient seafaring people, the Vikings or the Polynesians? Discuss.

I can't be alone on this one...
I've long thought Poseidon was sexy.

Free Flipper!

Sea breeze and salt water can make anyone's hair look fabulous. On a related note, everyone is sexy on the beach at sunset.

Today's exercise: Remember your mother ocean.

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