Friday, June 24, 2011

Dip Me In Nostalgia and Sprinkle Me With Powdered Sugar: The Yum of Summer Fairs

It is officially summer, and as such, the unofficial start of the Fair season, which lasts through early autumn, generally culminating in a State Fair.* 

What is it about the mingled scents of herbivore waste, human sweat and fried onions that I find so irresistible?

I think I'll have the Polish sausage sandwich with onions and peppers, corn on the cob grilled in it's own husk, a cold beer, then a funnel cake for dessert. (Thanks to the Loop-the-Loop, none of these calories will count.)

Note Jim's look of total Zen.
The real thrill of traveling carnival rides isn't the speed, the whirling, or the G-forces. It comes from knowing that the ride was assembled the night before by carneys and local winos.  

That band I hated in the 70s is playing for free at the fair grounds? I'm so there!

4-H kids are badass. Really. They're gangsta. They will cut you. Just ask that steer. 

It is almost impossible to get me out of the show rabbit exhibit. It is nearly impossible to get me into the pig exhibit.

The world needs more pie baking competitions... and more butter sculptures. 

There's a beer garden, you say? Well, maybe just one...

Note: children are now older than they appear.
Do not ride the roller coaster after visiting the beer garden. Instead, consider the bumper cars.

In spite of my nearly crippling fear of heights, I always ride the Ferris wheel. I inevitably regret this choice. 

In the interest of your own health and well-being, do not attempt to guess my weight, Mr. Carnival Barker Man. Being made to stand on a giant scale in front of crowds of people is the stuff of nightmares -- not something I'm willing to do in exchange for a little stuffed toy. For one of the big ones... well, maybe.

Win me a plush monkey and I'm yours forever.

Today's exercise: I wasn't kidding about that plush monkey. Get busy!

Next: I think maybe, finally, that piece on "To Kill A Mockingbird" I keep threatening.

*My favorite State Fair: Indiana (With Oklahoma being a close second. Midwest!)

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  1. LOL! I love the photo of you and Jim. And funnel cake? Yes, please!