Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice: A Stone Sol Picnic of Randomness

If I could be anywhere today, it would be Svalbad, Norway*, where they are currently experiencing the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun. I imagine they're having quite a party. If I were there, they certainly would be.** Skål, y'all!  

The summer solstice gives us an excuse to use the word “Ptolemaic.” Also, “astrolabe.” I suggest taking full advantage of this. 

While at work today, if you say exasperatedly, “this is the longest day,” you will be correct.

As one of the more melanin deficient persons on the planet, I welcome the waning sunlight and slow return to wintery darkness as much as I welcome the resultant return to more flesh-concealing clothing. Fish belly white!

Whatever your skin tone, wear sunscreen. And a hat. I'm partial to the Divided line from H&M, but you already knew that. Lucky hat!

Did you read about the solar flare?

The diameter of the sun is 109x larger than that of the earth and the volume something on the order of a million to one. One good solar belch and the entirety*** of human history could be gone in a flash. Dangerous stuff, this solar orbit business.

It takes about 8 minutes for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth's surface, giving you enough time to microwave a bag of popcorn before the end of the world, but not to eat it. Therefore, in the event of catastrophic solar failure, we suggest cold cereal as a last meal. 

Today Neopagans in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the holiday of “Midsummer.” Hooray for the Neopagans!**** They always seem to be up for a party. They may have more holidays than even the Yummish. (They also seem to be very active on Wikipedia.)

Only 186 shopping days left until Christmas!

Today's exercise: Enjoy the longest day of the year! 

Next: The piece on summer fairs I mentioned before.

*Though, if someone were giving away free trips to Hawaii, it's not like I would turn it down.

**I like to think I bring the party. That's not true, but I like to think it, anyway.

***Except for what we've preserved on the Voyager spacecraft. Go NASA!

****What exactly qualifies a group as “Neopagan?” I wonder if they'd be willing to consider us a sub-sect?

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