Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Oscars

This Sunday, February 26, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will host their 84th Annual Awards celebration, often referred to as “The Oscars.”

Though I love films (both watching and working in them... hint, hint...), admittedly this year, between working on my next book and my addiction to watching semi-randomforeign” films on Netflix streaming, I have fallen a little behind in my box office support responsibilities.

Still, never one to let ignorance stand in the way of a good (or bad) blog post, I have compiled a list of my suggestions for the Oscar Awards. 

Today's lesson: I have a terrible sense of humor. Just awful.

Next: Something further highlighting the statement above


**I understand this is an unforgivable sin and makes me a horrible human being. I've come to terms with that. Yet, I stayed awake through the entire “A-Team” movie... Go figure... 

***Yes, I did have to sing the jingle to remember how to spell it properly.

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