Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Souper Bowl: Random Thoughts on Everyone's (Second) Favorite Liquid Lunch

Properly prepared gumbo should be cooked in an aluminum pot large enough to serve as a decently sized jacuzzi. The contents should be reminiscent of the flotsam on the beach after a tropical storm.

Properly prepared clam chowder will always have a trace amount of sand.  

My favorite soup: Hot and Sour – because, like me, it is both spicy and bitter.

My least favorite soup: Alphabet – because it always gets cold while I'm trying to spell out naughty words with the letter-noodles.

Chili – soup, main dish, or hot dog topping?

The smell of my mom's vegetable beef stew with peppers and cabbage simmering on the stove...

The smell of my split pea soup with ham hocks...

Could cold cereal with milk be considered a type of breakfast soup?

Potato soup makes me proud of my Irish ancestry. Italian wedding soup makes me wish I were part Italian.

Does every culture have a version of chicken noodle soup? Someone should pay me to make an exhaustive study of this.

I  have been cured of illness by chicken soup. Actually, it was homemade udon with chicken and hot barley tea. In Indianapolis, IN, no less. Fortunately, my husband is as resourceful as I am picky.

Bread bowls confuse and upset me.

Could Bloody Marys be considered a type of gazpacho? ...Please?

Crackers? You betcha! 

Today's lesson: Soup's on!

Next: I have no idea!

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