Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Question of Deity or The God Thing

The formal name of the Yummish god is YAYWAY. Belief in YAYWAY is not a fundamental tenant of Yummishness. If you have previously established a relationship with a Deity, you should probably keep it up, as some of them have a reputation for violent jealousy and I don't really need to be turned into a pillar of salt or any such nonsense. Besides, YAYWAY doesn't care if you believe in it IT or not.

You have probably heard of “Yahweh” -- a blatant case of copyright infringement if I ever saw one, perpetrated by a group of pork-o-phobic desert dwellers who shall remain nameless. The Official Yummish Response was to enjoy a hot dog and to decide that there were better things to do than to waste anymore time thinking about it. (The hot dog was bunless. All Hail Discordia!)

The first syllable of YAYWAY is YAY, which stands for “You are Yummy.”

The second syllable is WAY , which stands for “We are Yummy.”

Over the last couple of days I have written two or three really awesome treatises on the above, in gloriously overblown language worthy of an actual religious text, waxing way, way philosophical about the significance of IT all and how IT should be a touchstone for conducting our daily lives, even attempting in my infinite hubris to define “god,” but ended up deleting it all. Frankly, if you can't figure IT out for yourself, I really can't help you. Maybe that's harsh. If you don't like it, you are free to start your own religion. Really. You should. It's pretty fun. Maybe something centered around dolphins. They're cool...

A Yummish Prayer:
YAYWAY, help me to embrace the love around me - wholly, holy holey. Yum!

Today's Yummish Exercise:
Spend at least as much time meditating on YAYWAY as you spent thinking about what to have for lunch.

Next: Probably something food related. I'm not sure yet. I'll have to check the pantry first.

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