Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something Food Related... Probably...

I recently had the pleasure of escorting some out of town guests to the Napa Valley to go wine tasting. (By the way folks, the only time people from the Bay Area go to the wine country is to escort tourists. Otherwise we go to this secret place known only to locals – BevMo! In fact, the Yummish Council is considering making the 5-cent sale a religious holiday. Tell your employer!) The wine country truly is exquisite, with fingers of fog stretching over rolling hills covered in neat rows of vines, grand wineries melting into the hillsides and charming restaurants flirting with you from the side of the road. By taking visitors I was able to see it anew from their eyes, and from their eyes it was... expensive.

This is the part where I am supposed to lecture you on quality over quantity, on the pleasures of the handcrafted and the organic, the superiority of slow food, sustainable farming, fair trade and the like. And I could, too. I'm a big geek about these things, so you're really getting off easy here. (Getting off easy... that sounds like a very Yummish concept. Hmm...)

I am also supposed to transition into a spiel about people who have so little food and how they are grateful for every hardscrabble mouthful they wrest from the dry earth or the concrete jungle. I'm supposed to remind you how our way of life limits theirs and the disparity of calorie distribution around the globe.

Frankly, it's Friday afternoon and I don't want to. Go bug Michael Pollan if you really want the full lecture. It's worthwhile, but more of a “Monday-doing-penance-for-weekend-indulgence” thing and I am trying to get my mind set for my Friday Devotional. Yum!

Therefore I am going to skip ahead to the Yummish Exercise. It's fun to make the rules.

Today's Yummish Exercise:
Spend at least as much time contemplating what you are going to eat for dinner as you spend deciding what to watch on TV at night.

Next: Your guess is as good as mine...

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