Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everything in Moderation... Including Moderation

 As we have already discussed, the path to the true YUM is a mindful journey, not swine's trough of sensual pleasures. However, there are times when nothing else will suit but to stick one's head straight into the swill and slurp up every last drop. Yum!

Decadence is a great vacation spot, if not suitable for a permanent residence. Indulgence, even over-indulgence, can teach us a lot about ourselves. A person who can maintain a sense of perspective in the midst of a binge – eating, drinking, dancing, playing World of Warcraft - has in his possession a valuable skill. The heedless drunk may enjoy the pleasant sensations brought on by the alcohol. The mindful drunk, however, can take pleasure in both the chemical sensations and the joyful abandon that comes with intentionally laying aside one's inhibitions and embracing the taboo. It is embarrassing to drink too much and accidentally make a fool of one's self. However, if you approach the situation with the intention of overindulging and acting the fool, then you've accomplish a goal. Perhaps you have had one of these Yummish insights during a moment of sheer decadence:

“If I eat another slice of cake I will actually become ill,... So just give me a small piece. No, not that one. The one with the big frosting rose on it.”

“There is no room in my house for another (TV, lava lamp, Precious Moments statue, life size Storm Trooper cutout), so I guess I'll have to get rid of the dining room table to make room for this new one I just bought.”

“Hey, y'all! I'm drunk!”

Embrace these moments.

Today's Yummish Exercise:
Plan a mini-vacation into indulgence. This may mean getting extra toppings on your pizza, turning the electric blanket all the way up, or buying those shoes that look so hot and match nothing in your wardrobe. Be sure that your indulgence will not interfere with others' pursuit of the YUM, and plunge in. Take joy in (temporarily) abandoning convention and revel in the YUM.

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