Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Yum of Talking to Yourself

Frankly, we're at a loss to understand all of the fuss about talking to oneself. If the issue is one of mental health, it is an important distinction to note that those scruffy-looking folks outside of the bus station having heated solo conversations are not addressing themselves so much as someone who is not actually there. As you actually exist (or at least we assume you do, based on the Blogger hit counter), it seems strange to us not to be on speaking terms with one's own self.

We think talking to yourself can be a very helpful and useful practice. Talking to yourself can help you work out a problem with or vent your feelings safely to the one person who is absolutely certain to understand.

Talking to yourself can help you understand yourself better, like a sort of self-guided talk therapy. In our external-stimulant heavy environment where we are bombarded constantly with the desires and opinions of others, we think it is a good practice to spend a little time listening to your own. You might be surprised by what you hear. (That happens to us more than we should probably admit.)

Sometimes it can be wise to rehearse aloud what you want to say to someone, to make sure you express yourself accurately. Hearing your statements and requests spoken out loud can help you frame them in ways that are most compelling to the intended audience.

Most importantly, your cats will find it endlessly amusing, guaranteed. We imagine dogs will as well, and your house plants will appreciate the extra CO².

For the Yummish, talking to oneself is almost a sort of prayer – a petition from one part of your brain to intercede on behalf of another. Literally. When you verbalize an issue, you engage different areas of your brain, changing how the information is processed. It is an appeal for wisdom and guidance, directed simultaneously outwardly and inwardly.

Also, we of the Yummish Council are hopelessly in love with the sound of our own voices.*

Today's exercise: Have a friendly chat with yourself... Or give yourself a good talking to, as you see fit.

Next: A message from The Cocktail Party in support of National Opt-Out Day. (or “Why should TSA workers get to watch porn at work all day when I can't?”) [NOTE: Opt Out site could be considered by some NSFW, which in itself should tell you something...]

*Not recorded, though. Our recorded voices always sound strange and foreign to our ears. But melodiously bouncing around inside our own brain pan... Amazing!

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