Friday, November 19, 2010

Why should TSA workers get to watch porn at work all day when I can't? - A message from The Cocktail Party

National Opt Out Day:

PLEASE NOTE: This site should be considered not safe for work.*

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not wish for your children to be exposed to full frontal nudity, use caution when viewing the link above.**

PLEASE NOTE: If you are offended by depictions of graphic nudity, including detailed images of both male and female genitals, do not click the link above.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are offended by the idea that you can be subject to extremely detailed imaging of your whole body, including your breasts, labia, penis and testicles,*** or, if you refuse, made to suffer a very thorough physical inspection of those same body parts, you MUST click the above link.

Our nation's Founding Fathers were so incensed that personal homes and supplies were being used to garrison and outfit British soldiers that they figuratively and literally beat their plowshares into swords and rebelled against one of the most powerful nations the world had ever known.

Today, we stand proudly as hourly workers ogle and fondle our sexual organs, so that we can have the privilege of doing business with a private company.

We, of The Cocktail Party, fully believe that if anyone had given George Washington the choice between having his junk photographed or groped, he would have chopped down more than a cherry tree.

Today's exercise: Click on the link above.

Next: Something in recognition of the approaching Yummish High Holy Season.

*Unless you happen to work for TSA or one of its “private screening partners.” But, then, if you did, you'd probably be too busy selecting which live bodies you'd like to see in greater detail to bother reading goofy blogs with silly names.

**Though we suggest you still do so, after they've gone to bed, as children can be subject to these detailed scans (though not pat downs) as well, in spite of laws against child pornography.

***Whatever combination thereof you happen to have. That's between you and your spouse... and, seemingly now, any curious or bored TSA agent.

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