Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gratitude Is In The Air; Just Breathe It In

It starts with the smell of coffee in the morning. There is just something about the smell of coffee brewing. It is such a compelling aroma that people who don't care to drink coffee still often enjoy it. It's a rich smell; spicy and deep, yet warm and comforting.

Soon a sweet scent will begin to waft from the oven to mix with that of the fresh, hot coffee. It's the scent of pumpkin muffins baking (or zucchini bread or coffee cake with lots of brown sugar and cinnamon – something dense and moist and filling for a cold holiday morning). The air gradually becomes thick and heavy with the scent of caramelizing sugar and melting, browning butter, fogging the windows and enveloping the kitchen in a cozy, warm cloud.

Later, as the day goes on, a very different fragrance will gradually replace the sugary fog, savory and more complex – The Turkey*. The robust smell of game bird, stuffed with golden cornbread treasure, starts as just a whisper, barely detectable above the lingering aroma of sugary baked breakfast goodness. As the bird roasts slowly for hours, the scent grows and fills every corner of the house, teasing you with whiffs of luscious roasting essence so dense you can almost taste them.

When you can hardly stand the anticipation any longer, it's finally time for the turkey to come out of the oven and take it's place at the center of the feast. There its savorous scent dances with a potpourri of others – the yeasty butteriness of dinner rolls, the mossy-dense aroma of green beans, the sweet spice of homemade cranberry sauce, and the salty unctuousness of gravy. Add to that the the hoppy, hearty scent of beer, the fruity-sharpness of wine, the honey-fragrance of cider or the bitter-smooth pungency of iced tea.

As darkness begins to creep, so does a new aroma – sweet, but different than before. It is the fragrance of pumpkin pie – a scent at once delicate and hearty, as flaky crust and custard-y filling find harmony. As it cools, it fills the house with an exotic melange of cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg and brown sugar, all but begging to be joined by the warm incense of hot tea and/or the delicate sweetness of milk.

The Yummish Council reminds you that, above all, Yummish Day** is a feast for all of the senses. In all of the hustle and bustle of the day, don't forget to take a moment just to breathe it all in.

Today's exercise: Inhale

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*Or Tofurkey, Turducken, baked ham, venison, prime rib, lasagne, Tex-Mex chili burritos, etc. as best suits your Yum. If you have any good recipes, we're always looking...

**Unlike Thanksgiving, which is celebrated primarily in the US, Yummish Day is observed by seekers of the Yum world-wide.

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