Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gossip, Rumor and Innuendo... and a Little Shameless Self-Promotion

Those of you who know me personally, especially from “back in the day,” know that I have been deeply involved in all aspects of the above – consumer, trader and subject. Some of which I regret... but less than you might think.

I regret all of the malicious gossip and rumors that I spread, both false and true. Speaking with the sole intent of harming another is not just unkind, it is wholly destructive.

I do not, however, regret telling tales as a means of forearming friends whom I thought were heading into potentially dangerous situations, physical or emotional. Nor do I regret the occasional cautionary tale. There are times when action is necessary and I believe wholeheartedly in the idea of sins of omission.

Then there is the gossip of which I'm actually proud. Those are the times when I spoke well of another, unasked and unrewarded.

As for those times when I've been the subject of such talk... I regret (almost) nothing*.

And thus we come to the point of this strange little post. As those of you without ad-block on your browsers know, I wrote a book titled, “Homecoming.” Today, I shamelessly ask your help in spreading the word.

As summer approaches and your friends mention that they're looking for a fun pool/beachside read, please suggest my book. Request it at your local library and your local bookstores. Ask your favorite news source to review it. Your recommendation has a great deal of influence, with your friends and the businesses you patronize and today I beg the privilege of borrowing a little of it.

I (rather presumptuously) thank you in advance for doing me the favor of making my book a subject in your chit-chat repertoire and promise that Friday's post will be much more fun/less shameless.

Today's exercise: Please help me spread the word about “Homecoming: A Novella,” available from Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, The Sony Reader Store, and iTunes.

Next: More fun! Less shameless self-promotion!

*If you want to know more, (like, for example, how I ended up married to my acting professor...) you'll just have to buy me a beer... maybe two.

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