Friday, September 30, 2011

Wine, Cheese & Me – Getting Better With Age

Sixteen maybe be sweet, but it turns out that twenty years older is just twenty years hotter. Below are ten of the many ways in which I am sexier now than when I was a teenager:

Grey hair = naturally occurring highlights

My ever growing need for “mole checks” makes it easy to get my clothes off. (Does this thing look weird to you?)

Dark under-eye circles = that sexy, smokey-eye look without effort   

My inability to stay awake past 10 PM makes it easy to get me into the sack.

Nothing says “Giddy-up, cowboy” like saddle bags. Also, love handles can be handy.

Spider veins = like those saucy fishnet stockings, only without the stockings

Cellulite provides textural interest, sort of like a Bob Ross painting

The effects of gravity over the years adds variety, keeping things interesting.  (Hey, were those always there?)

The worse my eyesight gets, the better you look.

I know things. I've seen things. I've done things... and I even remember some of them.

Today's exercise: Embrace your age... or embrace the aged. Something like that.

Next: Hooray for Boobies!


  1. I recently had the pleasure of introducing Jim to the old Bob Ross tv show. He was stunned.