Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just a Hunka Hunka Burning Yum: Elvis Presley, Yummish Saint

Fabulous... yet non-binding!
Maybe we're still high on nostalgia from celebrating the anniversary of our Las Vegas-based wedding a dozen years ago, but we're actually surprised at ourselves for not having canonized Mr. Presley sooner.

The tremendous effect of Elvis Presley's personal aesthetic (or “Yum”) on popular culture can hardly be overstated. People born decades after his death are still aware of his albums, his image. Whether or not you enjoy Elvis' music, chances are at least one of the artists that you do enjoy names him as a musical influence. Elvis also popularized such Yummish concepts as the non-binding-yet-fabulous sequin jumpsuit, the peanut butter and banana sandwich, and Ann-Margret.
Ann-Margret: sex bomb

Elvis was a family man. He was a ladies man. He indulged his appetites. He indulged his mother. He was a redneck from Tupelo and the King of Rock and Roll. He was a sex symbol and a caricature, a legend who became a myth. He was a soldier and singer, a sinner and, now, saint.

Today's exercise: Appreciate Elvis' influence on your own Yum.

Next: A self-(un)important treatise on wisdom.

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