Friday, February 4, 2011

Bunnies and the Loony New Year

Mose Bunny
Happy Lunar New Year, Yummish friends, and welcome to the Year of the Rabbit.

We of the Yummish Council are particularly excited about this cycle of the lunar calendar, as we are particularly fond of rabbits. As a matter of fact, we consider rabbits to be something of an unofficial Yummish mascot.*

It is hard to deny that rabbits have a decidedly Yummish nature.** Rabbits have a pleasing appearance. They are small and furry and cute. For some reason, we humans are programmed to respond positively to small, furry, and cute – and bunnies bring it by the bucketful! Rabbits are also pleasant to touch, with soft fur and velvety ears. Further, they tend to be friendly, playful and curious – all very yummy traits!

Rabbits have very Yummish hobbies, as well. They are voracious and (occasionally too) adventurous eaters. In addition to sleeping, they enjoy both napping and resting. Then, of course, there is that most Yummish of activities for which the rabbit's famed zeal has become a well-known cliché.

So, as you go through this year of the rabbit, occasionally stop and ask yourself, “What would Bunny do?”

Today's exercise: Embrace your inner bunny.

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Note: As this is technically the year of the “Metal rabbit,” one of the Council Members intends to celebrate with a new tattoo.

*Dragons also loom large in our legend, which we will discuss in more depth after all of this Stieg Larson madness has died down. (Forgive the unfortunate choice of words...)

**While we acknowledge to our hossenfeffer-eating kin that rabbits may also have a yummish flavor, we don't really wish to discuss it further.

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