Friday, February 11, 2011

February 14: A Day to Take Stock of Your Bonds

On February 14 many people around the world will celebrate the bloody death of a possibly apocryphal martyr to the cause of Christianity by purchasing seasonal cards and gifts decorated in cheerfully abstracted images of genitalia, manufactured largely in countries that do not celebrate this holiday.

Which is cool with us. You know... if you're into that sort of thing.

If, however, you are looking for an alternative to the romantic performance pressure of Valentine's Day, consider celebrating the Most High and Holy Day of Yummish Bonding (known as Bonding Day)*. 

Bondage (n.): the bond shared among spouses, parents and children, dear friends or other – a bond of deep caring and great passion

Bonding Day (n.): One of the two Most Holy Days, time set aside for careful, contemplative reflection about the important relationships in our lives.

The Yummish agree that taking a day to celebrate your lover is a beautiful thing. We, however, don't limit the celebration to only one aspect of our love lives. Rather than focusing only on romantic relationships, Bonding Day is about appreciating and celebrating all of the important relationships in our lives.

This February 14, gather up your favorite fetishes and bondage accessories and get your kink on with Bonding Day.
Bonding Day 1999
Cupid's Wedding Chapel
Las Vegas, NV

Today's exercise: Tighten those bonds!

Next: Announcing a new Yummish Saint

*We're also open to a resurgence in the celebration of Lupercalia, as we would enjoy more excuses to say the word Lupercalia.

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