Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the month of February is pretty much as bad as it gets, weather-wise. Whatever your region's definition of lousy winter weather, chances are it will be paying you a visit over the next few weeks. In spite of this, we maintain that February is actually the Yummiest month of the year.

We are all very aware of the drawbacks of winter weather, but it is good to remember that there are advantages, too.

Rain: Is there any sound in the world more comforting than the sound of falling rain on the roof when you're snuggled cozily in bed with your favorite person, pet or pillow? Does any place ever seem as warm or inviting as when the windows are darkened by wailing storms? Watching the driving rain from some safe shelter brings out an almost elemental gratitude: I am not wet. I am not cold.

Snow: Even the most torrential snowstorm can be beautiful to watch – the driving, blowing, dancing glitter of it, as it falls to create a pristine crystalline landscape. Night is brighter, as reflected light is sent back to the sky by the unbroken whiteness, and daytime becomes an ever-changing wonderland of drifting, billowing, and swirling. When the storm has finished, the freshly fallen snow offers many entertaining and social activities, like skiing, sledding, snowball fights and slow, crunching, romantic walks.

Ice: Much like snow, post-storm ice also leads to social events like ice skating, ice fishing, ice hockey, and the possibly fictional curling*. It also offers the all-but unassailable excuse for not doing anything you don't want to do and staying home to watch clips of old curling matches on You Tube: “the roads are icy.”

Winter weather all but begs you to leave your running shoes in the corner, have that extra brownie or glass of beer, hide the extra bulk under a heavy sweater, and cuddle up in front of the fire and/or flatscreen with someone you love. When it feels like the entire atmosphere is intent on your destruction, it brings into focus what is really important.

Today's exercise: Enjoy a little inclement weather with someone you love.

Next: The Year of the Rabbit 

*We half-suspect this event was fabricated wholesale by the International Olympic Committee, just for giggles. 


  1. Indy enjoyed some inclement weather today. He threw snowballs at me. And my car. Laughing like a loon the entire time. Ah, to be a kid in the winter.

  2. BTW, my word verification for the above comment was "uncest." What does that mean?????

  3. MIHH, I've got to meet this kid of yours.(Also, hope all is well with you and James Bond!)

    Also, RE: "uncest," I'm not sure, but I think they covered that on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.