Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bound By Precedent

Yesterday, the Yummish Council spent the day engaged in the spontaneous celebration of a newly realized Yummish Holiday: Precedents Day.

Precedents Day is day set aside in the depth of the February doldrums to remember the people, places, events and ideas that are at the foundation of our idiosyncrasies. It is a holiday celebrating the stories behind our (occasionally odd) personal habits and rituals, such as why a middle aged woman might find ski-ball romantic or how an highly-educated professorial type can get an honest chuckle out of a bad movie due to fondness for the person with whom he first watched it. It is the day for remembering why, for decades, you've held your breath every time you've driven through a tunnel, crossed all of your fingers each time you've crossed a state line or are still unwilling to let the vegetables touch any of the rest of the food on your plate.

These quirks of personality are what make people, not just unique, but uniquely interesting. Each has its own creation story, which, collectively, are your story, your history, your narrative – your self.

Today's exercise: Review the relevant precedents!

Next: Still trying to hash out that piece on ego and wisdom... (Yeah, I know... Better to stick with cookies...)

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